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Land Grant Genealogy 5


Jack Masters


Cumberland Pioneer Settlers
1779 - 1804

Bledsoes Fort
Construction of Bledsoe’s Fort – Bill Puryear, Artist


Volume I       Founding of the Cumberland Settlements

The First Atlas

1779 - 1804


Volume 1 (a few 1st edition copies remain - click on purchase tab for info)


This is a tale told by survivors - an epic related by those who explored and hacked out a way through a howling wilderness, built cabins, cleared land, planted crops, and fought for survival against European armies and five tribal nations. They formed their own government, meted out justice and mercy, and, ultimately survived. We, their children, and those who came after, live today to enjoy this rich and verdant land where all are free.

  • Introduction
  • Traces of Buffalo 
  • Buffalo Traces and Salt Licks in the Cumberland Valley 1770
  • The Cumberland Settlements 1767 - 1779, Paths of Exploration and Immigration
  • The Cumberland Compact
  • Biographies of Longhunters and Earliest Settlers
  • Stations, Forts and Traces of the Cumberland Settlements 1788
  • Cumberland Settlers Killed by Indians 1780 - 1795
  • Maps of Pioneer Stations and Casualties
  • Timeline: Chickamauga War of 1777 - 1795
  • Biographies of Longhunters and Earliest Settlers
  • Map of the Fort Blount Road, With Narrative and With Photos
  • Growth of Settlers vs. Decline of Indians
  • North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee
  • Maps of Land Grants, Roads and Landmarks
  • Bibliography and Reference Keys
  • Comprehensive Index

  • See Volume I for a more detailed summary of contents and other details


Volume II       Thoroughfare for Freedom

The Second Atlas of the Cumberland Settlements

1779 - 1804


Currently in print and Available


The story of where we came from, how we got here, the land we settled and the society we created. While many pioneers planted deep roots in the Cumberland River Valley the majority continued to West Tennessee, down the Natchez Trace to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, to Arkansas and Texas and ultimately to California and the west coast.
  • Introduction
  • The Ancient Ones
  • The Promised Land
  • Tennesseans Turn the Tide
  • Tribulations, Treaties, Trade and the Tennessee Land Rush
  • A Throughfare for Freedom
  • A Wealth of Opportunity
  • North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee
  • Comprehensive Index
  • See Volume II for a more detailed summary of contents



Volume III         The First Southwest

The Third Atlas of the Cumberland & Duck River Settlements



Volume 3 is SOLD OUT


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - The Twenty Years War
  • Chapter 2 - Freedom of Faith
  • Chapter 3 - Tennessee Volunteers
  • Chapter 4 - The Age of Jackson
  • Chapter 5 - The Raven Flies to Texas
  • Chapter 6 - The Cumberland, Commerce and Agriculture
  • Chapter 7 - Tennesseans and Westward Expansion
  • Appendix A - Genealogy
  • Appendix B - A Citizens Army
  • North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee
  • Comprehensive Index
  • See Volume III for a more detailed summary of contents



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